Sunday, July 15, 2012

Places to Visit In the Philippines

Cebu City is the second city in the Philippines with the second most significant metropolitan centre. Cebu City is known as the oldest settlement established by the Spaniards in the country. 

One of the city’s most visited places is the Mango Avenue where the teenager set hang out and enjoy good music. 

A perfect season of  the year to visit Cebu city is during the Sinulog Festival, a celebration in honour of Senior Sto. Nino, it one of the grandest and most colorful festivals in the Philippines with a very rich history. It's gonna be a lot of fun. 

Chocolate Hills in Bohol is one of the most amazing geological scenery in the Philippines. Bohol has lots interesting tourist attractions to offer, such as the Loboc River with floating restaurants, Man-Made forest, white-sand beaches at Pangalao Island Bohol, and many more. Bohol is ranked as the number one tourist destination in the Philippines.
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Chocolate Hills, Bohol Philippines